Few hand-to-hand combat styles remain as popular as Jiu Jitsu. Everyone, from fictional super spy James Bond to real-life training for actor Robert Downey Jr., shows how versatile it can be for your health needs.

Hailing from Japan, this fighting style aims to use your opponent’s momentum against themselves, allowing you to subdue them. Once you get them into a hold, you have full range to attack or to keep them restrained. Because much of Jiu Jitsu is dependent on holds, throws, and parries, it helps to have an experienced in-person training session rather than an instructional video you purchased online. At Coastal Combat, we continue teaching jiu-jitsu training to more Oceanside, CA residents than anyone else around.

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Jiu Jitsu joins our family of martial arts styles from the age of samurais in Japan. Initially, it got developed to help you face off against an enemy that was armed, while you had nothing to fight back with but your body.

By preparing your mind to anticipate incoming attacks and teaching you to manipulate the speed and force of their strikes, you can easily disarm an opponent and take control of the situation. Although the original targets were those armed with a sword or knife, it can just as easily get applied to hand to hand combat matches as well.

In mixed martial arts, the ability to get control as quickly as possible is an often sought out path to victory. Once a fighter can control the flow of the match, the opponent doesn’t stand a chance at recovering.

Jiu Jitsu is so effective that it has gotten adopted by other cultures, most notable fighters from Brazil. When you value strategy and defense over pure attack strength, this calculated set of skills is the ideal solution.


The most obvious reason to learn Jiu Jitsu is that it teaches you to defend yourself from a variety of attacks. Whether you’re worried about walking home or competing professionally as a championship fighter, it provides you with a superior level of physical defensive capabilities.

Unlike other fighting styles, these methods work best for lighter frames of people. As such, women swear by developing these skills as it allows them to defend themselves against much larger opponents.

Instead of training your body to look “perfect” physically, our training stays geared more toward learning new skills. It’s less about growing gains in muscle groups and more about coordinating your movements to get the upper hand. Jiu Jitsu is an ideal training program for children,
women, and men alike. See why Coastal Combat remains the trusted choice in mixed martial arts instruction. Contact us to book your first class and begin your new fitness journey today.


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