These days, many consumers seem to go all in on expensive fad fitness programs that claim to work every muscle in your body. And while you will likely see some benefit to those cross-platform exercise styles, they often remain overly complicated for your health needs.

What many people don’t realize is that many older fighting styles, from martial arts several hundred years old to more recent sporting types, already target multiple areas and muscle groups. As a result, many fitness enthusiasts are returning to tried and true fighting styles for their most effective training possible for cardio, muscle gains, and more.

At Coastal Combat, we can assist you in finding the ideal way to train with certified boxing courses. When you need traditional fighting techniques that sharpen your mind and body, you can’t go wrong with hand to hand fight instruction.

See why more Oceanside, CA residents turn to us for their safe and effective instructional needs. Contact us today and sign up for your best boxing classes in Oceanside, Ca.


Although boxing may seem like a relatively lawless combat sporting event, there are strict rules to adhere to during a match. If you think that you’re going to face off against an opponent and merely pummel them with strikes, you will be in for a rude awakening.

There is a shocking amount of strategy that goes into a match, as well as intense physical conditioning to have the stamina to make it to the end. Most professionals spend several hours every day preparing for their upcoming bout, and it still might not be enough.

When you enroll here with us, we ensure that you receive dedicated instruction that teaches you correct form, as well as what to expect. Even if you are only relying on boxing as an intense workout or source of cardio, you’ll see noticeable improvements throughout your body.

Boxing is more than trading punches, and the sport is discovering another surge of interest. Contact us today and learn about your new favorite physical activity.


The reason why more people don’t pursue boxing is that they believe it will only work their arms. However, proper stance and technique promote complete top-to-bottom conditioning, as well as internal health benefits as well. The first thing that you notice is that your cardiovascular health improves. Much of boxing isn’t striking your opponent, but “treading” in the ring, anticipating the next flurry of blows.

In addition to multiple areas within your arms, you’ll see improvements made to your chest, legs, core, and even the smaller muscles in your neck. By reteaching your body to both attack and recover from blocking encounters, you’ll toughen up more muscle groups than you initially anticipated.

Why should you continue buying into expensive fad diet plans and exercise programs that don’t accomplish what they advertised that they would? Instead, you can enjoy a more beneficial training experience by choosing traditional boxing instruction with Coastal Combat today.


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